Project64: The Undying Nintendo 64 Emulator

Perhaps your new flat screen does not support analog TV signals anymore, may-hap the video cables have been destroyed after many years of twisting and toying, or maybe quite simply your old Nintendo 64 has finally given up and crapped out after many long, faithful years. These are the main reasons why most people have been deprived of their favorite classics, such as Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario Bros or Mario Kart. The clear solution for this is installing an Nintendo 64 emulator on your computer.

A widely known and popular emulator is Project64, and its installing is as simple as reminiscing our childhood days or while drinking beer and playing our favorite old school games with college bros. Despite having been around forever, the Project64 Nintendo 64 emulator gets updated quite regularly and it’s completely free. Downloading the software is simple and the configuration even more so.

How to Set Up Project64

The steps you need to follow are simple and very quick. The first step is getting the actual emulator software. Just go to the Project64 website and start your download. After successfully installing the program you should be prompted to select your preferred language. Afterwards, you’ll be taken to the main interface for Project64. You must set your windowed resolution to 640×480 in the “Graphic Configuration” tab. The “Configure Input” window allows you to change your key settings. You can play Project64 using either a keyboard or USB controller. I highly recommend purchasing a PC gaming controller or using a spare Xbox controller for example. For reviews of gaming controllers and other such wares, I recommend High Ground Gaming.

The next step is loading and playing your ROMs correctly. After configuring you graphics and your controller you must download the desired ROMs; CoolROM is the best place online to get Nintendo 64 ROMs. However, there are others great sources like and After you find your favorite Nintendo 64 games hit download and put them all in the same folder, wherever you prefer and can easily locate. Then, running a ROM consists only of simply double-clicking it in the list of selected ROMs. Your ready to start playing those old classics!

Project64 is responsive, very easy to use, and runs without any major glitch. I have used it for quite a long time and never had any issues saving or loading a game. Its features let you pause the game, repeat your plays, or even fast-forward through the long and boring introductions. It should be considered though, that not all ROMs are the same quality, and the nature of some Nintendo games (i.e. Mario Party) makes it almost impossible to play them. Bearing that in mind, now you know how to play your favorite old Nintendo games on the PC. All that is left is just to sit back relax and start playing.

Long live the N64 Emulator!

If you have any trouble setting this up I recommend checking out this YouTube Video below.

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