How to get Nintendo Game Footage to YouTube

You may have heard that recently YouTube added a new subsite called YouTube Gaming. This is a great place to share your best moments and fastest game run throughs and other such things with friends and other fellow gamers. It’s not that YouTube wasn’t a functional space for gamers before this addition, but now it is even better.YouTube Gaming

The thing you’re going to need to record and edit footage on the PC is a capture card. Especially if you have an older Nintendo console, the only way to get this footage is with a capture card. A capture card is a device that captures a screen’s video images and encodes them into a file recognizable by most computers such as a mpeg. They cost anywhere from about $80 to 100 in price. High Ground Gaming has compiled a table of the available capture cards and sorted them by price and rated them on other such factors. Remember, a capture card is a one time investment, there are no ongoing costs, and you get some software that comes along with the device you can put on your PC. Then you connect this device to your TV, computer, and console. Boom, you’re ready to go. You can use this with any console now for example if you also have a PlayStation or something like that. The thing to look for is to make sure it has the right cables for your console/TV, and if it doesn’t come with the capture card package to buy it separately.

I’ve heard these will also help you set up a stream but I’m not sure exactly how that works to be honest. Just search for it online and I’m sure there is plenty of information about that.